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This Roleplay takes place within the sandy white shores of Rai Island, which is located in the American territory of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Rai Island is known worldwide for its remarkably brilliant boarding school, Valevay High. The students that attend and manage to survive its rigorous courses and earn a diploma are highly sought after for their knowledge and talent, seeing as only the most gifted and intelligent students graduate with their class. Aside from Valevay there are a number of schools your character can attend (from primary to college) located throughout the island! Keep in mind you need more than books smarts to survive Rai Island. You’ve got to be strong-willed and able to handle yourself in tough situations… not all the island dwellers are neighborly; it does have its handful of ruffians. Keep your head up, your wits sharp, and most of all have fun!


Who shall be the next Spotlight? Please one choice per Creator.
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Character Spotlight

 photo 71c9de1a-5807-422a-b3c6-fc41908411c2_zps9c3fd02b.jpg

Kyren Ari Stills

Hello there my fellow Roleplayers!
Sorry for the delay but "Mr. Rodeo" had too much personality for just one month! Anyways lets kick him to the curb now and welcome our newest and most anticipated character, Mr. Moody himself,

Kyren Stills

From the words of our lovely Sui, "Like a true Cancer, he is moody and reserved!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

True this young man is rather rough around the edges. Far from your "friendly" average highschooler. Secluding himself majority of the time Kyren immerses his attention and talent into his sketchbook. However his stoic aura is shaken only when his adorkable little sister, Emma is in his presence! If your lucky (very very very lucky) when she shows up you may even see him crack a smile. And who knows he may even have a smile that makes girl's swoon! But it's usually gone just a quickly as it appeared.

Okay, lets just get it out of the way and say this boy has an undeniable sister complex! Unwavering in fact! After loosing their father at a young age Kyren promised to protect her in his Dads place. He spends the majority of his time making sure Emma is happy and healthy! Also for her own good he battles to keep the Samo strays far away from her. Now Kyren isn't ALWAYS, as his creator may claim, a Drama King! He can be very compassionate and more than willing to treat you as family if he finds you trustworthy and you become close enough with him.

So, some advice when crossing paths with this eyeliner wearing teen. Keep your loud antic to yourself they certainly don't impress him (just ask Lena)! Keep sugar out of his reach, it makes his do very very bad things! ;) && Don't and I mean DON'T touch his sister!
Follow these simple rules, and you might survive!

Now off to the Interview! This one should be a HOOT!

 photo 58461928-9a0c-4ab3-a584-c530b9c2501c_zps7ddddbac.jpg photo cb14890b-4187-4bb5-a059-e11134602b38_zps96a7a440.jpg
 photo aadb8926-6ebf-4e68-904e-894096e3bb6f_zpse5d15489.jpg photo adb4db3b-e095-4f1c-9775-699983d9573a_zps36bf5d5e.jpg

Okay, so we know that over the past several months there has been very little activity in the roleplay! But really that wasn't the intial point in creating this forum in the first place.
Rai Island is what brought us all together. It's our home away from home, so to speak! We are not just a Forum full of gifted and creative writers . . . however a place full of wacky and crazy friends ;)
A place where we are creating unforgettable memories!

Even though we are constantly changing and still knee deep in finding ourselves in the world; we know that through the tears that fall and the smiles that grace our faces we will always have each other! Because no matter where our lives take us, nothing will change so much that we are not all friends still!

&& We will always have RaiIsland to come back to! Our Island ♥
Okay, okay enough of the cheesiness!
I love you CRAZY ladies!
tiny heart photo: Tiny Heart Gif GifHeart.gif Always, Raye

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    Member Clean Out--Character Retrieval

    Ah-Gyul Shin
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    Member Clean Out--Character Retrieval Empty Member Clean Out--Character Retrieval

    Post  Ah-Gyul Shin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:22 am

    There are so many inactive characters, it stands to reason to do a bit of forum cleaning. The bios posted in this thread are those of characters whose membership was or will be removed for inactivity. If you are the owner of the character, and would like to retrieve the bio and begin to use it again actively, that's what this is here for.
    Thank you for reading this, and have fun on the rest of Rai Island.
    Visit the team chatbox if you have any questions. Smile

    (SC=suggestion to make it a side character instead)

    NO POSTS, DELETE: Josh Yen, Hana Rin, Joleen Celtin, Kirin Rotaru, maleachantelle, Naomi Yen, Keller Kalpana, Audun Stone, Ms Anshi Snow (SC), jannjemmy, fordmerc, eloislitt

    ONE POST: Jordan Alvaro, Darika Ginni, Poppy Aura (SC), Kamadev Madhu, Mr Darshan Snow (SC), Taylor Thomas, ChepeKojike, Trang Dao, Rowan Prescott (DOUBLE CHK), Tamara Prescott (DOUBLE CHK)

    TWO POSTS: Chandler Larraj, Cody Snow (SC), Shad Long, Kimimela Snow (SC), Leilani Long, Larissa Kojike (SC), Birun Thoms, Riley Prescott (DOUBLE CHK), Talen Rinheart

    THREE POSTS: Ricky Larson, Anya Cooper, Lali Thomas (SC), Clarke Adams, Dr. Clay Matthews,  Xavier Looms

    FOUR POSTS, DOUBLE CHECK: Shiana Long, CJ Larson, Brandone Marks, Teddy Cooper, Kelsey Holland, Lily Yee


    **Chan, contact Lin if you absolutely can't live without one of these characters. But if you save one, please post with them more.

    All Deleted/Removed Character Bio's that could be saved/retrieved were moved to the deported thread in the security office. If you've returned and would like to reclaim an older character that were you can find them, Below is the link to the thread! Also if you have any questions see Raye, and if she is unavailable visit the team chatbox! Thanks!

    Click here for Deleted/Deported Character Bios!

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