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This Roleplay takes place within the sandy white shores of Rai Island, which is located in the American territory of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Rai Island is known worldwide for its remarkably brilliant boarding school, Valevay High. The students that attend and manage to survive its rigorous courses and earn a diploma are highly sought after for their knowledge and talent, seeing as only the most gifted and intelligent students graduate with their class. Aside from Valevay there are a number of schools your character can attend (from primary to college) located throughout the island! Keep in mind you need more than books smarts to survive Rai Island. You’ve got to be strong-willed and able to handle yourself in tough situations… not all the island dwellers are neighborly; it does have its handful of ruffians. Keep your head up, your wits sharp, and most of all have fun!


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Character Spotlight

 photo 71c9de1a-5807-422a-b3c6-fc41908411c2_zps9c3fd02b.jpg

Kyren Ari Stills

Hello there my fellow Roleplayers!
Sorry for the delay but "Mr. Rodeo" had too much personality for just one month! Anyways lets kick him to the curb now and welcome our newest and most anticipated character, Mr. Moody himself,

Kyren Stills

From the words of our lovely Sui, "Like a true Cancer, he is moody and reserved!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

True this young man is rather rough around the edges. Far from your "friendly" average highschooler. Secluding himself majority of the time Kyren immerses his attention and talent into his sketchbook. However his stoic aura is shaken only when his adorkable little sister, Emma is in his presence! If your lucky (very very very lucky) when she shows up you may even see him crack a smile. And who knows he may even have a smile that makes girl's swoon! But it's usually gone just a quickly as it appeared.

Okay, lets just get it out of the way and say this boy has an undeniable sister complex! Unwavering in fact! After loosing their father at a young age Kyren promised to protect her in his Dads place. He spends the majority of his time making sure Emma is happy and healthy! Also for her own good he battles to keep the Samo strays far away from her. Now Kyren isn't ALWAYS, as his creator may claim, a Drama King! He can be very compassionate and more than willing to treat you as family if he finds you trustworthy and you become close enough with him.

So, some advice when crossing paths with this eyeliner wearing teen. Keep your loud antic to yourself they certainly don't impress him (just ask Lena)! Keep sugar out of his reach, it makes his do very very bad things! ;) && Don't and I mean DON'T touch his sister!
Follow these simple rules, and you might survive!

Now off to the Interview! This one should be a HOOT!

 photo 58461928-9a0c-4ab3-a584-c530b9c2501c_zps7ddddbac.jpg photo cb14890b-4187-4bb5-a059-e11134602b38_zps96a7a440.jpg
 photo aadb8926-6ebf-4e68-904e-894096e3bb6f_zpse5d15489.jpg photo adb4db3b-e095-4f1c-9775-699983d9573a_zps36bf5d5e.jpg

Okay, so we know that over the past several months there has been very little activity in the roleplay! But really that wasn't the intial point in creating this forum in the first place.
Rai Island is what brought us all together. It's our home away from home, so to speak! We are not just a Forum full of gifted and creative writers . . . however a place full of wacky and crazy friends ;)
A place where we are creating unforgettable memories!

Even though we are constantly changing and still knee deep in finding ourselves in the world; we know that through the tears that fall and the smiles that grace our faces we will always have each other! Because no matter where our lives take us, nothing will change so much that we are not all friends still!

&& We will always have RaiIsland to come back to! Our Island ♥
Okay, okay enough of the cheesiness!
I love you CRAZY ladies!
tiny heart photo: Tiny Heart Gif GifHeart.gif Always, Raye

 photo c832522f-37c1-4d09-ae76-0dfc80c67c58_zps470e2482.png photo 419d242d-a7fa-46d9-be91-1602c229236e_zps53de78c1.png
 photo 969ea55d-c4b3-41fb-a859-374d4e6a7fc8_zpsa49c3f38.jpg photo a7c0fb6e-a8f1-40a5-bf58-6d7f461b4bfc_zps2f0a36bc.jpg

    Spotlight Characters!

    Emma Stills
    Emma Stills

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Spotlight Characters!

    Post  Emma Stills on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:31 pm

    So to Kick off this new section let me introduce our lovely and extremely
    talented group of reporters, from the Valevay Journalism Club!
    Your very own crew of persistent and relentlessly nosy teens:

    Journalist: Danielle Thompson
    Journalist: Carson Clemens
    Photographer: Gary Winters

    Each question they ask with be highlighted the matching color of their name!
    They wont be the only ones inquiring about are chosen characters,
    there will be a moment for a few of you to inquire on these people as well!

    Alright! Lets get this ball rolling!
    Danielle Thompson
    Danielle Thompson

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Re: Spotlight Characters!

    Post  Danielle Thompson on Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:25 pm

    They there my fellow Rai Islanders!
    Today we have with us our very first
    Spotlight : Mr. Chepe Kojike!
    Let's start with an easy one, shall we!?

    Spotlight Characters! C10cdf33-6259-49dc-a559-e9a02dae91ba_zpsa09cbb24

    -What is your full name?
    I have a kind of odd name . . . it's Chepe Alo Kojike. It's a Native American name.
    Well there it is ladies! The lead singer of Prism Sunrise's full name! Now, don't swoon just yet! We have a lot more answers coming your way!

    -So, if you can describe yourself in three words? What would they be?

    Hmm, three words. I've never been good at describing myself. But if I have to do it I'd have to say I'm creative, kind, and quiet.

    -Okay Chepe, what's your favorite part of Rai Island? Please inform all your adoring fans out there where you like to spend your time!
    Well you know I haven't been back here for a while, and really haven't seen too many of the old places again . . . but I really love the park!

    -So, since you recently returned to Rai Island can you see yourself living here possibly for the rest of your life?
    Yes! I never wanted to leave when I was a kid. This is the only place I ever wanted to be.

    - Good to hear! So something our fans are curious about : who is your favorite person on the Island? And on the flipside who your least favorite?
    Well I would feel kind of shitty if I didn't say my sister Tesanee. 'Cause, well, she IS my sister. but she is also one of my creator's characters! So I should probably say Lena is my favorite. As for least, Kevin of course! He is horrible to most people and he doesn't especially like me, but even though he isn't my favorite person he's still family!

    -Please indulge us! What is your most embarrassing moment?
    When I was little and embarrassed myself horribly trying to play the guitar for a particular person.
    What!? That's all we get? You have added tease to those three little words to describe you!

    - So let's get a band question in here. Seeing as you're the lead singer of your band, if you could write a song and dedicate it to someone from the Island, what would it be called and who would you dedicate it to?

    This is going to be a tough one. There would be a couple possibilities with that. My first thought was honestly, Stay Away Crazy Girl, for my ex Mina, but that psychotic girl isn't worth my time really . . . so I would have to say Here for you, for Lena.
    Aw how sweet! You might want to be careful of this one's fans, Lena!

    -Alright, who do you are you more like Tom or Jerry?

    I like Jerry! He's always pulling the craziest stunts!

    - Now if I were to look in your fridge what would I find?
    Well, I love to cook. So you'd find a lot of meats, milk, fruit and vegetables probably.  I do sometimes have junk food. I love some kinds of ice cream and chocolate too! I also make homemade food for my dog, so you'd find that too since I never buy dog food.
    Well, that is one lucky puppy!

    - Let's get a little goofy! How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop?

    I'd say... only as many as you make it take. Like I've just crunched them up before when I've been on the go.

    - So off the rails here . . . If you were a mob boss how would you use your power?‏
    My answer to this really wont be all that interesting. I would just make sure that the people I love were always safe since I really wouldn't be too into the torturing people and stuff.
    Hmm . . . not what I expected . . .

    -Okay okay! Lastly a question from our audience: Oooh here we go, the one and only Cholena Nelson. We've talked a bit about her today, so lets see what she'd like to know. -chuckles- Wooow, okay Chepe I hope you're ready for this one!  Where is the most exciting place you'd like to make love?

    *blushes* That's . . . kind of private . . . umm not something I've really thought about as I haven't really had a girlfriend I'd consider that with until now. Besides I'd rather not really think about an exact place - wherever it eventually happens is bound to make it exciting anyway . . . . . . . . . .  it'll be the one I'm with I'd be concentrating on anyway, not the place. *Finishes up beet red and refuses to say another word on the subject*
    Spoken like a true virgin! I mean gentleman!!! (LOL)

    Okay that it all for us today! Please tune in next time when we bring in our next Spotlight! <3

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    Danielle Thompson
    Danielle Thompson

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Re: Spotlight Characters!

    Post  Danielle Thompson on Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:03 pm

    Hello Again, my fellow Rai Islanders!
    Today we have with us our second,
    Spotlight : Miss Lorilynn Schwann!
    Let's start it out like before:

    Spotlight Characters! 2101333d-7e41-4c4b-8d1a-ab0ac5ce625b_zps6fbd2618

    -What is your full name?
    Lorilynn Amélie Schwann. My middle name is French.

    -Oh what a pretty middle name! Could you indulge our curiosities further and tell us what it means in French?
    It is French for industrious and hard working. I think it suits me quite well, don’t you?
    . . . . of cooooourse it does!

    -So, if you could describe yourself in three words? What would they be?

    Only three? There’s just so much more to me than three words! Charming, elegant, intelligent, and genuine. Beautiful, lovely and fashionable! Seriously, three words just cannot contain me!
    Oh don't forget industrious and hard working!

    -Alrightly then, lets move on! What's your favorite part of Rai Island?

    Oh, everything about the island is absolutely lovely! The scenery is my favorite part about this island. I could just sit out at the park or on the beach and just take in all of Rai Island and its beauty!

    -So, there is a rumor that you are only here boarding at Valevay for the school year . . .  
    can you see yourself living here possibly?

    That’s a tough decision. The only thing I can see myself doing for right now is dancing.

    - So what made you choose Valevay?
    Other than its prestigious demeanor and wonderful credibility? This may sound a tad bit… lame… for lack of a better word, but I actually chose this school to get away from home and to follow a friend I’ve had for a long time.

    - Here is an interesting one! Who is your favorite person thus far at Valevay, and to counter that who is your least?
    My favorite person? I’m having a hard time picking between Lena and Becky…and my least, I’m still having a hard time picking between Lena and Becky…
    Ha! Well that's a first!

    -Okay, so what is your most embarrassing moment?

    Oh, I don’t embarrass myself often, so there’s hardly any to choose from. However there is one in the depths of my closet… I’m not sure I am at liberty to say… Okay, okay, since I’ve already opened the door. I think I was around nine or ten, and this cute older boy was in my dance class. He was in middle school, an 8th grader and I wanted to pretend I was older too. I thought maybe he’d be interested in me if I was older! So when I spoke to him I’d always tell him that I was in the seventh grade and I did all these cool big kid things. He was very interested in me, so he asked me out for pizza and I readily said yes. To my dismay, my dance instructor heard everything, told my mother over the phone and when the day was over, my mother stormed into the dance studio, and yelled at me for lying and yelled at the boy for believing me. Then she grabbed me by my wrist and hauled me out of there. I was mortified.
    -snickers- You poor thing! Hopefully that didn't leave any scars!

    - Let's keep this ball rolling! What angers you the most?

    People who waste my time. Honestly, if you’ve got nothing to say to me, don’t bother trying to talk to me. My time is precious and it’s one of the few things I cannot buy back.
    Well, hopefully this isn't a waste of your time!

    -Alright, If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future? And Why?

    I would like to go to the future. That way, if there’s anything that I don’t like about my life style, I’ll take note and fix it when I go back to the present.

    - Now if I were to look in your fridge what would I find?
    You’d better not be looking in my fridge! That’s an invasion of my privacy, but if you must know, you’d find an entire farmers market in there. My chef only cook with the freshest and finest of meat and vegetables. And, there are a few pastries and junk food items in there. Sometimes I can’t help myself.
    A chef! You lucky lady!

    - Okay so for the hardest question of all! How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop?

    I’ve only counted to ten before I let the tootsie pop just sit in my mouth.

    - So off the rails here . . . If you were the Queen of the world how would you use your power?‏
    Every year, a national fashion show shall be held by yours truly. If you aren’t contributing in any way, you’ll be exiled or beheaded. I’m trying to create a super race of fashonistas.
    Oooookay...so under your ruling more than half the world would be gone! Good to know!

    -Okay okay! Lastly a question from our audience: Oooh here we go, Kyren Stills would like to know . . . Huh? Oh, well it looks like he would like to know what  brand of eyeliner you wear!?

    I get my eyeliners from Sephora. I feel that they’re very efficient in getting the job done. My favorite is Stilla waterproof liquid eyeliner, but for special occasions I use my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner. Always have to stay beautiful!
    Spoken like a true fashionista!

    Okay thats all the time we have! Please tune in next time when we bring in our next Spotlight! Rumor has it he an infamous character!
    Danielle Thompson
    Danielle Thompson

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Re: Spotlight Characters!

    Post  Danielle Thompson on Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:04 pm

    Howdy Y'all!
    We are back once again, with our newest addition to the Spotlight: Rodeo!!!
    I'm sure you all know him (Good or Bad)
    but let see if we can crack this tough cookie open
    and get to know him a little more!
    3rd. Spotlight : John "Rodeo" Wilder:

    Spotlight Characters! 31f894b0-be6b-466e-be4e-842a7bc3f668_zps89848239

    - Whats your full name?
    *narrowing his icy blue eyes* Why?

    -inner thoughts- So I can dig up all your dirty little secrets, bwahahahahah! No reasons in particular, just a question to get the ball rolling!
    ...Pssh. All right, fine. It's Johnathan Chase Wilder. Don't ever use my full name. For any reason.

    -Ever?Okay Jonathan, I'll make note not to . . . . . . Moving on, describe yourself in three words!
    That's not a question. *crosses arms* Ask me something else.

    -Darn, my first strike out! Okay I wont push it.....at least not with you. *averts eyes* Umm so what's your favorite part of Rai Island?
    I like to go into the wilderness outside town and cut loose. 'Lot prettier out there and no one itchin' to get in your business.

    -Can you see yourself living on the island for the rest of your life?
    *lights a cigarette* I dunno, probably. 'Less my woman wants to drag me all over hell.

    -Who is your favorite person on the island?
    I'd kill fer anyone in my family, that's for sure... but a good woman is hard to find. 'Specially a fine lil' filly like Celi. *tilts his cowboy hat down a bit over his eyes* Now that is one lady who ain't afraid to get in real close an' - oh, shit. Forgot you were a kid. Next question.

    -Oh,  no please don't let me stop you! I'm sure everyone listening in today are dying to hear more! No? Well fine then who is your least favorite?
    *blows smoke* I got a lotta enemies, girlie. Who cares what they're names are?

    -Whats your most embarrassing moment!?
    Hell if I know! Probably when I first met my pal, Bowie. Thought he was a chick. That memory still gives me the creeps.

    *leans forward interest peaked* Please elaborate on that!
    *scowls* You're a nosy little chit, ain't ya? Oughta mind your own business. Fine. I was in a strip club three years back and decided make conversation with one of the strippers. Turns out it was a guy. But not just any guy - the one taking over the old music shop. We've been goin' there all our lives. But he was cool about it. Turned out he doesn't even live in town. But damn if he doesn't throw the best damn parties! And always under the radar!

    -What angers you the most?
    People messin' with my loved ones. *cracks knuckles* Makes me feel real mean, y'know? But I don't put up with that shit, no ma'am. There's a reason I got my own cell in the county jail, and I ain't afraid to go back to it. But if I do, you know it's 'cause I earned it.

    -Tom or Jerry?
    Tom, no contest. A cat saved my lil' brother Chuckie from pushin' up daisies, so we Wilders take real good care of any cats we see are in trouble. "Sides, mice are nasty. They get in your house, eat all your food and they carry disease.

    -If I was to peek into your fridge what would I find?
    I'm still at Mom and Pop's for now, so you'd find a bunch of vegetables from the garden or somethin' marinadin' for dinner. *mumbles*Hmm, I was sort of expecting it to be full of eggs. Lots and lots of eggs....

    -How many licks does it take to get to the center of tootsie pop?

    That bastard owl. If I ever catch that f*cker, he's dead!

    *chuckles* Not an owl fan I see....So rumor has it you have an array of jobs. Which do you prefer? Fighting or Primping?
    Isn't it obvious? When I'm at The Arena I'm in my element. But hey, the modeling gig's all right too. Who could say no to a gorgeous babe that pulls a nutcracker on my skeevy manager and still has enough of a backbone to ask me to do something no one else would dream of asking? *laughs* The gal's got spunk! I guess I gotta say the jobs are 50/50.

    -Okay okay! Lastly a question from our audience: Alright this from Cecilia. You know this Fiery little Tamale' right? *Winks* Okay Celi lets here it!

    -Celi : So did your mom ever get that stain out of that nice quilt she made? Y'know that one you had the um..."accident" on when you were three? Mama Wilder showed me pictures of it and considering the size of the mess you were sitting in....I just wanted to know if she managed to save it.
    What... what're you talkin' 'bout? *thinks for a while, then it dawns on him* Oh... that. *pulls his hat down over his eyes, but continues* Ma told Grandaddy not to give us any beer, but damned if he'd listen. I ain't takin' all the blame for that. It's the cat blanket now

    Alright! Thats all the time we have! Join us next time for a newest addition, and don't forget to make your vote on who you'd like Mr/Mrs August to be!
    Gary Winters
    Gary Winters

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Re: Spotlight Characters!

    Post  Gary Winters on Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:42 pm

    Hey everybody! We're back with the fourth
    instalment of Spotlight Characters
    with the infamous Mr. Moody himself,
    Kyren Stills!
    Let's get this started!

    Spotlight Characters! Kyky10

    -So, what’s your full name?

    I’m still questioning why I agreed to this. My name is Kyren; everything else is on a need-to-know basis, kid.

    -Oh, come on! I’ve heard from one of my sources you’ve got a real cute middle name. *winks*

    I’ll have you know that nothing about me is “cute.”

    -Alright, alright. Go ahead n describe yourself in three words. Anything that you think best suits you, no pressure.

    Grumpy. Constantly. Always.

    -*mumbles* Sounds like an understatement to me… So, what's your favorite part of Rai Island?

    My room.

    -…I can’t say I was really surprised at that answer. Hmm, could you see yourself living on the island for the rest of your life?

    I see myself living wherever is most convenient to be useful to my sister. If that ends up being Rai Island, then fine.

    -So, any favorite people on the island? A best friend? Maybe a lover or two? *snickers*

    -shakes head- I have no use for lovers, not that you need to know that either. I also don’t do favorites. I have priorities, then people I hate, then the people that don’t deserve the energy. However, if I did have favorites, my sister would have to take that spot, and my mother right along with her.

    -Okay, so how about your least favorite person?

    That fleabag mutt Chuck Wilder –glares- he doesn’t deserve the energy, but I give it, and that makes me hate him more.

    -A Wilder!? And you’re okay with this interview going public!?

    -scoffs- They’ve already picked a fight with me; this won’t change anything.

    -Anyway, so what’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced?

    Need-to-know basis again, kid. Let’s just say it’s one of the reasons I don’t eat sweets.

    -This is a need-to-know basis! All of your adoring fans want to know more about you!

    -raises an eyebrow- and those fans would be?

    -Ehhhh... So... what gets you angry? Not that I’d try anything.

    I have a particular set of pet-peeves that would take way too long to list. Just don’t talk to me or approach my sister and we’ll be good.

    -I think we can add breathing to that list of pet-peeves too, huh?


    -Alright, if you could stay a certain age forever, what would it be and why?

    That sounds horrifying. I just want to go through life the way I was intended, and die when the time is right.

    -Interesting outlook on life. Now if I were to look in your fridge what would I find?

    Not much, enough to live off of. Again, nothing sweet, mostly vegetables and meat.

    -How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop?

    None. Everyone just sucks on them instead.

    -If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

    -small smile- I would see my sister at her happiest. If I am still there, that means that I had a part in that, and that’s all I really wish for.

    -Ah, sibling love – I  rarely ever see that… *hinting at Dani’s scenario* Ahem. Anyway, now a question from…. Oh, it’s from Bowie! It reads:

    You have quite the fashion sense and a look about you that several ladies - and possibly gentleman - would go wild over. Would you consider visiting the mainland with me for a while and making their dreams come true?


    Oh, and there’s something written on the back. *Flips paper over*

    “It's dangerous to go alone, take this~!”

    Your answer, Kyren?

    I... I don't think I understand. Why would anyone go wild over me? And besides, I'm only interested in one dream, and I don't go places with strangers.

    Haha, just like mother taught you! Anyway, that's all for now. See you all next time for the next Character Spotlight!

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    Spotlight Characters! Empty Re: Spotlight Characters!

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