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This Roleplay takes place within the sandy white shores of Rai Island, which is located in the American territory of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Rai Island is known worldwide for its remarkably brilliant boarding school, Valevay High. The students that attend and manage to survive its rigorous courses and earn a diploma are highly sought after for their knowledge and talent, seeing as only the most gifted and intelligent students graduate with their class. Aside from Valevay there are a number of schools your character can attend (from primary to college) located throughout the island! Keep in mind you need more than books smarts to survive Rai Island. You’ve got to be strong-willed and able to handle yourself in tough situations… not all the island dwellers are neighborly; it does have its handful of ruffians. Keep your head up, your wits sharp, and most of all have fun!


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Character Spotlight

 photo 71c9de1a-5807-422a-b3c6-fc41908411c2_zps9c3fd02b.jpg

Kyren Ari Stills

Hello there my fellow Roleplayers!
Sorry for the delay but "Mr. Rodeo" had too much personality for just one month! Anyways lets kick him to the curb now and welcome our newest and most anticipated character, Mr. Moody himself,

Kyren Stills

From the words of our lovely Sui, "Like a true Cancer, he is moody and reserved!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

True this young man is rather rough around the edges. Far from your "friendly" average highschooler. Secluding himself majority of the time Kyren immerses his attention and talent into his sketchbook. However his stoic aura is shaken only when his adorkable little sister, Emma is in his presence! If your lucky (very very very lucky) when she shows up you may even see him crack a smile. And who knows he may even have a smile that makes girl's swoon! But it's usually gone just a quickly as it appeared.

Okay, lets just get it out of the way and say this boy has an undeniable sister complex! Unwavering in fact! After loosing their father at a young age Kyren promised to protect her in his Dads place. He spends the majority of his time making sure Emma is happy and healthy! Also for her own good he battles to keep the Samo strays far away from her. Now Kyren isn't ALWAYS, as his creator may claim, a Drama King! He can be very compassionate and more than willing to treat you as family if he finds you trustworthy and you become close enough with him.

So, some advice when crossing paths with this eyeliner wearing teen. Keep your loud antic to yourself they certainly don't impress him (just ask Lena)! Keep sugar out of his reach, it makes his do very very bad things! ;) && Don't and I mean DON'T touch his sister!
Follow these simple rules, and you might survive!

Now off to the Interview! This one should be a HOOT!

 photo 58461928-9a0c-4ab3-a584-c530b9c2501c_zps7ddddbac.jpg photo cb14890b-4187-4bb5-a059-e11134602b38_zps96a7a440.jpg
 photo aadb8926-6ebf-4e68-904e-894096e3bb6f_zpse5d15489.jpg photo adb4db3b-e095-4f1c-9775-699983d9573a_zps36bf5d5e.jpg

Okay, so we know that over the past several months there has been very little activity in the roleplay! But really that wasn't the intial point in creating this forum in the first place.
Rai Island is what brought us all together. It's our home away from home, so to speak! We are not just a Forum full of gifted and creative writers . . . however a place full of wacky and crazy friends ;)
A place where we are creating unforgettable memories!

Even though we are constantly changing and still knee deep in finding ourselves in the world; we know that through the tears that fall and the smiles that grace our faces we will always have each other! Because no matter where our lives take us, nothing will change so much that we are not all friends still!

&& We will always have RaiIsland to come back to! Our Island ♥
Okay, okay enough of the cheesiness!
I love you CRAZY ladies!
tiny heart photo: Tiny Heart Gif GifHeart.gif Always, Raye

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    Kyren Stills
    Kyren Stills

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    Post  Kyren Stills on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:36 pm

    Sui's Sweethearts  Untitled_zps55f0d83b

    Name: Kyren Stills
    Age: 18 Years Old
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student
    School: Valevay High

    Appearance: He stands at 5'7, a thin figure with not much muscle to speak of,
    but is resilient and is a semi-decent fighter because of years of protecting
    his sister and himself from bullies

    Sui's Sweethearts  D10b1b3c-85df-42d9-837c-612cb0b0000b_zps2b16bdbc

    Personality: Not one for small talk or loud antics, Kyren isn't the easiest person to get along with. Like a true Cancer, he is moody and reserved. However, if you happen to make it into his good graces, he is more than happy to treat you like his own family. He is hot-headed, with only learned patience to keep him out of trouble, on the odd occasion that his sister is not there to calm him down. One could say he's a little on the depressed side; most just say he's much more accurately termed as a drama queen. He avoids sugar like the plague; it riles him up and he loses what control he has on his quiet nature, sending him into a sugar rush that rivals any. His devotion to protect his sister is essentially the thing he lives for, as he promised upon the death of their father that he would take care of her, as well as their mom.  

    Fun Facts:
    --Kyren wears eyeliner, mostly just because he feels like it, and secondly
    because it's a rather effective method of warning people that he isn't inclined to talk to them.  
    --He has a stuffed bear named Riza, from when he was younger, that he keeps with him
    while at Valevay. She usually provides comfort for Kyren, and on occasion, Emma.
    --Kyren attends Valevay for Art and English.
    --He has nipple piercings.
    --He undeniably has a sister complex. Therefore if it seems that he has no interest in much of anything, you would be correct to assume that he doesn't. Instead, he focuses on making sure his sister is successful and happy (while pointlessly wishing that her happiness does not somehow involve dating some hooligan).

    Character Relations:
    Emma Stills (Played by the georguous Rayann)
    Lita Stills
    Jeffrey Stills (deceased)

    Lita Stills ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Jeffrey Stills
    Sui's Sweethearts  31bf9b8a-471d-4de2-a036-bda492997f3f_zps2ec233d7Sui's Sweethearts  2b242161-0274-4c6b-88fb-47009f627f75_zps10d2c9d3
    Emma Stills ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Stills
    Sui's Sweethearts  0ecb87da-f45d-4107-91dd-bbbf865b806e_zps9300e7a3Sui's Sweethearts  Ed8f6847-a8dd-4c60-a0fa-c9a5315e7f6a_zps4e2d09cc

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    Riza Kinsley
    Riza Kinsley

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    Post  Riza Kinsley on Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:26 pm

    Sui's Sweethearts  3_zps2a9fd2a5

    Name: Riza Kinsley
    Age: 16 Years Old
    Birthday: October 31st
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1
    Occupation: Student
    School: Nova Cari College

    Appearance:(Left) Riza a Year Ago, (Right) Riza Now

    Sui's Sweethearts  D76d304b-a362-4638-8374-f86a645df960_zps62014a49    Sui's Sweethearts  774e44d5-a6bb-4dfe-aa18-941012c855bf_zpsd0ec7e06

    Bio: Riza has what one would call a perfect life. A perfectly boring one, anyway. She has two loving parents, even if they are divorced. Four siblings, Alex ( 14 ), Lara ( 11 ), Kora ( 8 ), and Mika ( 2 ) complete the Kinsley family. They have tried to have pets in the past, but so far, keeping them has always involved some issue. Her education is payed for and she does not have to go to work in addition to attending college. It is her first year, as she started school a year earlier than she was supposed to, and was allowed to skip first grade. She is not originally from the island, but she has lived here most of her life, so her recollection of where she is originally from has many gaps. She used to be on the chubby side, but around the time that she turned sixteen, she decided that she had had enough of being the biggest of her friends, making a commitment to lose weight.

    Personality: Most people would probably conclude that Riza is a little weird, and she would be perfectly happy to agree with them. Although shy around someone she doesn't know, as soon as it's just her and her friends, Riza is happy to be silly and fun. It is easy for her to love her friends, but with her family, things seem infinitely more complicated. She likes to keep her fair share of secrets, but sometimes she can't help but blurt them out, which frustrates her. While slightly distrustful of men, Riza still finds it easy to have a crush on up to three guys at a time. She's still waiting for her first real kiss, but she contradicts herself because struggling with her weight problem has messed with her mind about wanting a boyfriend. She has decided to simply go with the flow during her college years, living by the motto that "things happen for a reason".

    Character Relations: Riza used to play at the park frequently when she was younger. It is where she met one of her best friends, Lissa Snow. Even though Riza will be going to college, with her new free time, she plans to continue harassing Lissa whenever possible.
    Erek Rivers
    Erek Rivers

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    Post  Erek Rivers on Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:36 pm

    Sui's Sweethearts  3_zps019ad158

    Name: Erek Rivers
    Nickname: He is called Eri by his little sisters, but other than that, none.
    Age: 20 Years Old
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student & Works at the Cafe  
    School: Nova Cari College

    Appearance:  5'11; Purple hair; eyes that look a reddish-brown,
    but when angry or annoyed, can appear a brighter red:

    Sui's Sweethearts  D37021a6-5471-4c14-9c37-89acdb6e0d9b_zps49c40287

    Personality: Erek is the picture perfect oldest son to the family that demands it of him... right up until they turn their backs. At that point, the only thing on his mind is having a good time, preferably with someone on his arm as he does it. He's not particularly picky, getting a thrill out of the act of the chase itself, and will let anything roll of his tongue to get you to believe that what you want and what he wants are the same thing. Therefore he's not the "steady" type and lets everyone know it. The only people he feels truly comfortable around are his sisters; they are the reason he grew out his hair so long. He gets along amiably with most people, but every once in awhile, even if there is someone he doesn't like, the only thing that would give him away are his eyes, being a firm believer in "killing them with kindness."

    Bio: His family exists in the higher end of life, parents running their very own successful clothing store. Erek has never had to work much in his life, but taking care of his sisters has made it so  he doesn't act quite like the stereotypical rich, snobby boy. One day he got into an argument with his parents; they felt that he wasn't putting in enough effort to live in his parents house, so he told them that he would get a job, and start paying rent, regardless of whether or not his parents needed the money. They were skeptical at first, but when Erek brought them his first paycheck from his new job, not bothering to explain how or where he had gotten it, they finally accepted the terms. His parents still do not know where he works, but they trust him enough to think that he's not doing anything illegal.

    Fun Facts:
    -Erek is bisexual but prefers women
    -He prefers walking to any other form of transportation
    -He has been in a dress and makeup (his sisters' idea)
    -His biggest weaknesses are cotton candy and kids
    -He loves snakes but is deathly afraid of lizards
    -He has a strange love of puns

    Twin sisters, Sara and Maggie (7)
    1 Border Collie named Rocky
    Has been friends with Riza Kinsley for a short time.

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    Kyren Stills
    Kyren Stills

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    Post  Kyren Stills on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:10 pm

    Sui's Sweethearts  4_zpsdc7c2ca8

    Name: John Kirrell
    Age: 42 Years Old
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: English teacher

    Appearance: 5'10; pretty thin, but he runs and does fencing as his main hobbies,
    so there is a bit of muscle, although it is concealed by his teaching clothes. His hair is
    always in a ponytail during the school day, as to maintain his idea of professionalism.

    Sui's Sweethearts  9141fd0a-6572-4cda-8539-8e8ba790ff02_zpse1d6eb10

    Personality: Mr. Kirrell is not a people person by any means. He only became a teacher because he feared that the coming generations would be lost without his guidance, as his own English teachers had been substandard and dreary. As befitting an English teacher, he is rarely seen without his reading glasses and a new book every week. He has even read the Twilight series, the Harry Potter series, and the Hunger Games series, to "Keep up with the times" as he says. He almost always talks in a soft voice, even at certain levels of anger, but if he feels the need, he will raise his voice. He tries not to be one of those teachers that always dwell on the 'classics', some of which he'd much sooner burn than read. Although this is true, students will only have a minimal appreciation for this, as his strict attitude and his penchant for interesting punishments have made him one of the most hated teachers in the school. Instead of feeling upset about this information, Mr. Kirrell embraces the knowledge, and takes it to mean that he is doing his job right.

    Bio: John Kirrell has lived on the island his whole life. He went to Valevay and then to Nova Cari college to get his degree to teach. Not so eager to get right into it, however, he traveled a bit, working odd jobs, and enjoying the calm before the storm. Finally settling down back on the island, he accepted the position as a Valevay English teacher, and will now be entering his 15th year of teaching there.
    Shane Marroquin
    Shane Marroquin

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    Post  Shane Marroquin on Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:09 am

    ]Name: Shane Marroquin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student
    School: Martin Van Buren

    Appearance: A solid 5'9 with runner's legs and a mean right tennis arm.

    Sui's Sweethearts  Shane_zps61306899

    Personality: Shane is a hands-on kind of guy, always trying to tinker with things and figure them out so he can fix the problems they may have, even when those things are people. He considers himself a people person even though what that really means is that he sticks his nose in business it most likely doesn't belong, and ends up giving advice when it wasn't asked for nor needed. When that doesn't occupy his time, he prefers woodshop-type activities, making clocks and birdhouses and whatnot, while simultaneously jamming out to whatever music strikes his fancy at the time at full blast. It's probably the closest he'll ever come to playing an actual instrument, unless you counted a tennis racquet to be an instrument.

    Bio: Mr. Marroquin was raised to love being outdoors, having a mother with a love for intense outdoor training routines and a father that prefers to spend time among the plant and animal life found on the island rather than the people. Shane would argue that his parents were a little on the hippy side, but he means it fondly. Being an only child, he is grateful for his parents and would do anything for them, and the reverse is also true.

    Fun Facts:
    -Shane has a pet parokeet
    -His favorite food is sushi
    -He sometimes snorts when he laughs
    -He'll try anything once

    Character Relations:
    Mr. and Mrs. Marroquin

    Sui's Sweethearts  Vanessa_lewis___virtua_fighter_by_ganassa-d5t8hna

    Sui's Sweethearts  MrM_zpsc49d848a

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