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This Roleplay takes place within the sandy white shores of Rai Island, which is located in the American territory of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Rai Island is known worldwide for its remarkably brilliant boarding school, Valevay High. The students that attend and manage to survive its rigorous courses and earn a diploma are highly sought after for their knowledge and talent, seeing as only the most gifted and intelligent students graduate with their class. Aside from Valevay there are a number of schools your character can attend (from primary to college) located throughout the island! Keep in mind you need more than books smarts to survive Rai Island. You’ve got to be strong-willed and able to handle yourself in tough situations… not all the island dwellers are neighborly; it does have its handful of ruffians. Keep your head up, your wits sharp, and most of all have fun!


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Character Spotlight

 photo 71c9de1a-5807-422a-b3c6-fc41908411c2_zps9c3fd02b.jpg

Kyren Ari Stills

Hello there my fellow Roleplayers!
Sorry for the delay but "Mr. Rodeo" had too much personality for just one month! Anyways lets kick him to the curb now and welcome our newest and most anticipated character, Mr. Moody himself,

Kyren Stills

From the words of our lovely Sui, "Like a true Cancer, he is moody and reserved!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

True this young man is rather rough around the edges. Far from your "friendly" average highschooler. Secluding himself majority of the time Kyren immerses his attention and talent into his sketchbook. However his stoic aura is shaken only when his adorkable little sister, Emma is in his presence! If your lucky (very very very lucky) when she shows up you may even see him crack a smile. And who knows he may even have a smile that makes girl's swoon! But it's usually gone just a quickly as it appeared.

Okay, lets just get it out of the way and say this boy has an undeniable sister complex! Unwavering in fact! After loosing their father at a young age Kyren promised to protect her in his Dads place. He spends the majority of his time making sure Emma is happy and healthy! Also for her own good he battles to keep the Samo strays far away from her. Now Kyren isn't ALWAYS, as his creator may claim, a Drama King! He can be very compassionate and more than willing to treat you as family if he finds you trustworthy and you become close enough with him.

So, some advice when crossing paths with this eyeliner wearing teen. Keep your loud antic to yourself they certainly don't impress him (just ask Lena)! Keep sugar out of his reach, it makes his do very very bad things! ;) && Don't and I mean DON'T touch his sister!
Follow these simple rules, and you might survive!

Now off to the Interview! This one should be a HOOT!

 photo 58461928-9a0c-4ab3-a584-c530b9c2501c_zps7ddddbac.jpg photo cb14890b-4187-4bb5-a059-e11134602b38_zps96a7a440.jpg
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Okay, so we know that over the past several months there has been very little activity in the roleplay! But really that wasn't the intial point in creating this forum in the first place.
Rai Island is what brought us all together. It's our home away from home, so to speak! We are not just a Forum full of gifted and creative writers . . . however a place full of wacky and crazy friends ;)
A place where we are creating unforgettable memories!

Even though we are constantly changing and still knee deep in finding ourselves in the world; we know that through the tears that fall and the smiles that grace our faces we will always have each other! Because no matter where our lives take us, nothing will change so much that we are not all friends still!

&& We will always have RaiIsland to come back to! Our Island ♥
Okay, okay enough of the cheesiness!
I love you CRAZY ladies!
tiny heart photo: Tiny Heart Gif GifHeart.gif Always, Raye

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    Lin's Legends

    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:24 pm

    Name: Chuck Wilder
    Age: 18
    Birthday: December 31st
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Height: 5‘4“
    Weight: 184 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Bassist, mechanic, student
    Grade: 12
    Appearance: Out of eight sons and one daughter, Chuck is the only one in the family built like his mother - short. Standing at only 5'4", he has a solid frame of lean muscle, broad shoulders, tanned skin and distinctive blue eyes. When it comes to style, vintage clothing is all he wears, particularly if it reminds him of his favorite classic rock bands. All of his clothing consists of hand-me-downs and clothes from the goodwill shop. His dark brown hair is thick and curly, and often tends to be very unruly, sticking out all over the place. He sometimes ties it down under a couple bandannas (one just won't cut it) to keep it under control - normally while at work, so he doesn't get grease or oil in his hair. His left ear is pierced and he has several tattoos that he hides under clothing during school.

    Lin's Legends Chuck1-1

    Lin's Legends CWilder

    Personality: The Wilder boys have quite a reputation for being a bunch of troublemakers and the same can be said for Chuck. He's rowdy, loud and gets into loads of trouble. Most mothers wouldn't want their teenage daughters within a ten mile radius of him. That being said, he may be a bad boy but he's really not a bad person. Laid back and easygoing, he just likes to have fun - especially if it involves music. With years of practice under his belt, Chuck is one of the most talented bass guitarists in the area. He also is a skilled rhythm guitar player and can play the drums fairly well, though he prefers bass. Coming from such a large family, he spends his weekends with his brother Terry and his friends and band mates Chepe and Aaron playing music onstage to help pay the bills.
    His blunt honestly may be a bit much for some and many people insist he doesn't know the meaning of personal space, but he's friendly and likable when you get to know him. Just don't ask him if those jeans make you look fat. He says exactly what's on his mind and that's what usually gets him into trouble. However, it also gets him attention from the shy, yet lovely Emma Stills.

    Background: Chuck is the third son born to Albert and Elaine Wilder, and is one of nine kids. He was born and raised in the Samo District on Rai Island, the poorest and roughest neighborhood in the area. Though the Wilders never had a lot of money, they always found ways to have a good time. Rowdy party at 3am? Probably the Wilders. Crazy street brawl? Probably the Wilders. Duct taping a straight man in his underwear to a flag pole in front of the gay bar? Probably the Wilders. This family is infamous, known all over Rai Island for being troublemakers. The sheer amount of rumors swirling around them is ridiculous and its often hard to tell which rumors are true.

    Growing up in the Wilder family meant being open and outgoing. Everyone knew everything about each other because their house was so small and they were forced to get along. There was little privacy at his home and even less tolerance for lying, so Chuck never became good at it - preferring honesty, no matter how blunt or painful. Going to public schools, Chuck was almost as much of a trouble maker as his older brothers, but tends to get more unwanted attention because he's so short. He has been jumped many times by guys his brothers have wronged because he looks like an easy target, but they soon find out that it isn't the case! If anything, Chuck's short stature gives him an advantage in most fights because he's faster and harder to hit.

    Character Relations: The Wilder pack - made up of his parents and siblings. Albert (42), Elaine (41), Terry (20), John (19), Chuck (18), Fred (16), Casey & Raph (14), Keith (12), Bobby (9) and Joanna (6).
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:27 pm

    John Wilder

    Age: 19
    Birthdate: March 25th
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Height: 6‘ 2“
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Occupations: Arena Combatant - Rank A, Model (part time), Contractor, Lead Guitarist for South Bound

    Lin's Legends JohnWilder1

    This is one hot headed nineteen year-old you don’t ever want to mess with! He’s lean, he’s mean, and he’s the one mostly responsible for the Wilders’ bad reputation. John Wilder may possibly be the meanest guy on Rai Island, getting into fights at the drop of a hat. John has his hair to his shoulders, the curls are tighter than most of his siblings’ curls.

    A professional cage fighter, John has no qualms practicing his new moves on his younger brother Chuck, sharing a bit of a rivalry with him. He fights under the stage name of “Rodeo” because it’s been said that nobody in his weight class has been able to tame him. He tends to really shine in free-for-alls and battle royale style combat, taking on several opponents at once and fighting like a crazy berserker. The crowd loves him when he’s in the ring, but are absolutely terrified of him in public.

    He does care for his younger brother though, but it’s tough love. Deep down, he’s so mean to Chuck because he doesn’t want Chuck to end up like him - dropped out of high school and beating people to a pulp for money. John has been arrested several times for assault, street fighting, disturbing the peace, vandalism, destruction of public property, breaking and entering, and arson. John will defend his family and friends against attackers of all kinds, so be warned. Even if a girl attacks him, it’s still an attacker. His philosophy? If you can attack him like a guy, you can get beaten by him like a guy.

    Recently, John had been approached by Cecilia Shiel after one of his cage fights. The fashion designing college student had scouted him out to model her new clothing line, which was aimed towards "dangerous" men. John, having a reputation as one of the most (if not the most) dangerous men on Rai Island was her number one choice and she insisted upon his cooperation. Since then, Cecilia (or Celi) has been one of the few people outside his own family that he's accepted.
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:29 pm

    Fred Wilder

    Birthdate: August 3rd

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Height: 5‘7“

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Age: 16

    Grade: 10th

    Lin's Legends Fredcolor

    “Why should I waste my time and energy doing something unworthy of it, when plenty of people are willing to do it for me?” That’s the kind of attitude usually heard from the mouth of Fred Wilder. This 16 year old goes to Martin Van Buren High School and likes to take it easy in life, often able to cheat, wheedle and connive people into giving him what he wants - often for little or nothing in return! How is it that one teenage boy can have such a devastating effect? Why, it’s because of his good looks and his personality, of course!

    Fred has a ‘classically handsome’ sort of look to him, resembling the statues of famous renaissance artists. Unfortunately, he tends to be rather lazy and self absorbed, often lazing about while his wanna-be underlings and fangirls wait on him hand and foot. Conversely, he does exercise regularly to keep his body in great shape and gets into -and wins- fights on a regular basis. Fred has gained the nickname “Romeo" in several areas on Rai Island already, due to having many female admirers. His looks have saved him from being sent to juvenile hall on occasions where he’s caught by female officers, but he has been hauled in for disturbing the peace, fighting in public, vandalism, breaking and entering and public indecency.

    Though Fred may be lazy and seemingly unmotivated, he's rather acrobatic, excelling in sports such as acrobatics, gymnastics, swimming, and anything that generally makes him look good. His musical ability is the envy of many and he has the largest range of musical talent in the Wilder Pack. He can masterfully play the following instruments: lead, rhythm and bass guitar, stand-up bass, violin, mandolin, flute, harp, recorder, steel guitar, ukulele, drums, piccolo, piano, trumpet, trombone and saxophone. He also has a beautiful singing voice.
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:30 pm

    Keith Wilder

    Birthdate: March 18th

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Height: 5‘3“

    Weight: 116 lbs

    Age: 12

    Grade: 7th

    Lin's Legends Keith

    With his sweet smile and dreamy look in his eyes, Keith Wilder is one of the most popular boys in William Howard Taft Middle School. From his long curly hair to the way he bites his lower lip when writing in his notebook, Keith is a dreamer. As a pisces, he isn’t as rough around the edges as most of his brothers. Rather, he is kind and gentle most of the time, unless someone tries to harm one of his loved ones. Then and only then, does his Wilder blood boil. He is charming and elegant, often catering to the needs of ladies. Is his little sister crying because her stuffed bunny, Mr. Fuzzums, has gotten torn? Keith will sew the plushie right away. His mom is feeling sick? He’ll make her soup and take care of her.

    When one of his friends (a girl of course, aside from his brothers, Keith has never been friends with any boy) is sad, he’s always there with a flower for her to cheer her up. He tends to let his emotions run him and it’s said that he favors writing romance stories. Like the rest of his family, he excels with music, favoring the violin and drums. In fact, he has such a natural talent for the drums that his family lovingly calls him “Bongo", though no one outside the family knows this nickname yet.

    Ironically, out of all the Wilder boys, Keith is the most calm and level-headed. Though he’s only twelve years old, he possess college level intelligence. Rather than going straight to college, he prefers to grow up as a normal child and going through school with students his own age. He doesn’t want to lose his childhood too quickly. Unlike his brothers, he hasn’t toned his body for fighting yet, and his slim body shows it. He’s not afraid to get physical when it’s necessary though, and has been seen wielding anything from broken bottles to sledge hammers to baseball bats when his safety -or that of a loved one- is threatened.
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:36 pm

    Pictures are going to take a little while, but here are the remaining Wilder profiles. Once I get pictures drawn, inked, photoshopped and scanned, I will put these in their correct categories.

    Albert “Spike” Wilder - Al Wilder was an out-of-control country boy back in his youth, so when he turned eighteen, he was forcefully enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in hopes of straightening him out. Unfortunately an eight year tour of duty didn’t turn him into the straight-laced military man people had expected him to become. Instead, Al used his talents in street fighting, athletics and debate to help him climb the ranks and blackmail his way out of the military.

    A brilliant man and talented musician, he has a silver tongue and can talk his way out of many situations. If he can’t, his combat skills more than make up for it. After his term in the military, he served as a bouncer for a bar. There, he met Elaine Neallie, who was bartending. The two fell in love, married, moved to Rai Island and had nine children. Since then, Al has taken a job as a mechanic during the week and plays rhythm guitar in his country music band “South Bound” during weekends. He’s large and in charge. It appears that age has mellowed him some, but he still has the element of risk and excitement about him, which he has passed on to all his children.

    Age: 40
    Birthdate: June 2nd
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Height: 6‘3“
    Weight: 240 lbs

    Elaine “Laney” Wilder - Having grown up on a farm, Elaine is a tough, no-nonsense woman. Her build is short, curvy and solid, with a little extra weight from having nine kids. She’s used to long hours of hard work and is a marvelous cook, able to make delicious meals with few ingredients. When she and Al married, she wanted at least one boy and one girl. It took a while, but after eight sons, she finally got a daughter. Maternal to not only her kids, she’ll readily take care and responsibility for any children near her.

    She’s warm and welcoming but take care not to threaten her family or anyone in her care! Elaine is a third degree black belt in karate and is not afraid to dish out the discipline when it’s needed. On occasions where she has been attacked or when she’s back-sassed, she’s been known to grab the offender by the hair of the head, drag them around, then pick them up and throw them. Although she’s never been arrested, she has a reputation as a woman you’d never want to mess with.

    Age: 38
    Birthdate: March 25th
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Height: 5‘3“
    Weight: 150 lbs

    Terry Wilder - The oldest of the Wilder boys, Terry is a big, big man with a big reputation. As a professional cage fighter, he keeps his muscular body in peak condition, but he’s no meat head. Terry is enrolled in Nova Cari College and is currently working on getting a bachelors degree to better himself. He does have a reputation for getting into trouble with street fighting and has been hauled in by the police on some occasions for it. He has also been arrested for being rowdy and loud in public, disturbing the peace, breaking and entering, and destroying public property. Looking to make a little extra money, Terry and Chuck decided to form a rock band to play gigs all over the island. He’s an amazing twenty year-old drummer that doesn’t tire easily.

    Terry, John and Chuck are no longer considered minors, but the three of them are currently living in their parents’ garage and giving the family portions of their paychecks to help pay the bills. Terry sleeps in one of the two makeshift bunks, John in the other, and Chuck in a hammock. Though he’s a big, bad boy with a bad reputation, he’s got a heart of gold. Being the first born Wilder child, Terry had to take on a lot of responsibility and he willingly helped his parents take care of his younger siblings. At age sixteen, he went out and started earning money at a part-time job, while going to school and offered to pay rent to his parents to help with bills, encouraging his younger brothers to do the same. About a year ago, a sassy, no-nonsense girl named Patty came to a gig that he was playing at and the two of them hit it off right away. Since then, Terry has taken a construction job and has competed in far less arena fighting so as not to worry her. They have recently gotten engaged and are currently on a waiting list for housing.

    Birthdate: May 1st
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Height: 6‘4“
    Weight: 220 lbs

    Casey and Raph Wilder - Hair like dark chocolate waves, blue-green eyes and devilish good looks all topped off with two dashing white smiles, Casey and Raph are double the high school heartthrob than is really necessary. The notorious Wilder twins are an active, dynamic, daredevil duo. They have been known to share and trade each other pretty much everything from clothing to food to even girlfriends! Much of the time their actions and words happen at the exact same time, causing many people surprise and awe. Often, it sounds like they’re talking to people in stereo. When these two are together, almost no one outside their immediate family can tell them apart. They dress alike, they act alike, they look like almost exact carbon copies of each other... but are they?

    Actually, no.

    Though they usually emphasize their similarities, these boys are a lot different than people think. Raphael is the more outgoing of the two and is in his prime when he’s right in the center of a huge crowd. He feels most comfortable in social settings such as parties and will happily chat your ear off all night long if allowed to. Public speaking is definitely his forte and he excels when giving oral presentations, telling stories or talking his way out of a tight situation. Raphael also enjoys accompanying girls on shopping trips and shows an interest in clothing and accessories that are fashionable. He tends to like girls who have beautiful singing voices and who enjoy taking long walks in nature. Despite the fact that he’s a fairly good scrapper, he’d rather have fighting as his last option. Raph also enjoys sports, but not quite as much as Casey.

    Casey, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly enjoy large groups of people. When stuck in a big social setting, he tends to rely heavily on matching up with Raph’s speaking and mannerisms. Alone, his ability to talk his way out of anything takes a huge hit and he’s often had to resort to fighting his way out. He doesn’t like the spotlight unless he’s playing music and prefers clothing to be comfortable, rather than fashionable. Gossip is mostly worthless to him, but talking to him about fishing or sports is a good way to get him out of his shell. He secretly hopes to find a girl who’s caring and feminine, but also as active and fun as he likes to be.

    Birthdate: May 29th
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Height: 5‘6“
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Age: 15
    Grade: 9th

    Bobby “Sly" Wilder - With a thick mop of floppy brown curls, a great big smile on his face and a cute button nose, little Bobby Wilder is often fawned over by girls for his adorable looks and gorgeous eyes. He can often be found wearing either torn or patched clothing, detached sleeves, beat up old sneakers and his favorite newsboy cap. It’s no secret that when he grows up that he’ll be quite a heart breaker. Incredibly curious, Bobby (or “Sly” as his friends call him) likes to stick his nose into things to find out more about them...whether or not it’s any of his business! But since he’s just a child, you can’t really be mad at him, can you? No, of course not... sucker!

    Being the youngest of the Wilder boys doesn’t necessarily make him the best behaved of the bunch. If anything, it just gives him a reputation to live up to! From early on in his life, this boy has been a holy terror, charging headlong into dangerous situations and has somehow come out of them mostly unscathed. Rather than training his body for the inevitable conflicts and fights that await him as a Wilder, Bobby learned from his older brothers’ examples and decided that the direct approach wasn’t always such a great idea. After all, getting punched in the face or having your butt handed to you on a silver platter isn’t a shining example of a good time. Thus, he opted to choose a different route - stealth.

    Blessed with an uncanny sense of balance, running across pipes, branches and clotheslines are a piece of cake for this kid. Able to duck, dodge and dart out of danger, Bobby was born to be a troublemaker. Together with his grade school gang of hooligans, they’re taking the town by storm. From stealing ice cream to egging houses, from toilet papering public property to letting off stink bombs in school, nothing is off limits. It’s easy to see that it’s all or nothing for this little hellion when his intense aquamarine eyes focus on what he wants. With his two closest friends - Bentley as the brains of their operation and Murray as the muscle - these boys are the ringleaders of their ragtag gang. But it’s just a phase, right? ...Right?!

    Birthdate: November 12th
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Height: 4‘8“
    Weight: 68 lbs
    Age: 9
    Grade: 4th

    Joanna Wilder - Last but not least is the sweet little sister of the Wilder boys. Joanna is a little doll, a rose among thorns as the saying goes. Treated like a little princess by her doting (and fiercely - read: violently - protective) older brothers, this adorable little girl can melt just about anybody’s heart. With her long chocolate colored hair pulled into two high pigtails, the earthy ringlets cascade and bounce with her tiniest movement. Her big blue eyes have hints of indigo around the outer iris and they sparkle with the purest innocence. She can often be found wearing cute little sun dresses or unicorn themed shirts with shorts, but she’s also been spotted dressed up as a ballerina or as a princess.

    Always accompanied by her soft, enormous brown stuffed bunny Mr. Fuzzums, she loves to play. Joanna enjoys helping her mommy in the kitchen when it comes to making tasty treats and loves to go outside and learn how to work in the garden like a big girl. She is a fantastic dancer and loves to sing with her daddy onstage as well. What a talented little girl! One thing she never has to complain about is not getting enough attention from her big brothers. No matter what they’ve got going on in their lives, there is always time to have a tea party with Joanna. Always.

    Birthdate: April 2nd
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Height: 3‘4“
    Weight: 40 lbs
    Age: 6
    Grade: 1st

    Murray “Tank” Marzaroli - For a ten year old, Murray is a big boy. But potential bullies beware... under that pudgy layer of baby fat, there’s a solid body of hard muscle! Born from a Scottish mother and an Italian-American father, Murray is definitely no slouch. With a fisherman for a father and a merchant mother who sells the fish his dad catches, he’s often helping his parents when he isn’t causing trouble with Bobby and Bentley. He may look like the fat kid of the gang now, but when he grows up his body will be a massive mountain of muscle. Usually seen wearing a baseball cap over his shiny black hair, this freckle-faced boy often takes up the roles of either the pack mule or as the muscle of the gang.

    Growing up on Rai Island, Murray’s parents realized that their children might have a rough time, so they decided to put their kids through strength training, boxing and wrestling. Coupled with a large appetite, Murray’s already large frame started to bulk up to it’s current pudgy state. Eight years down the road will lead to him being built like a war machine. As it is now, his body is built to mow down nearly anything in his path, earning him the nick name “Tank”. But Murray isn’t just the tough guy of the group. He also loves small, fluffy animals and is very polite to girls, showing him to be a bit of a gentle giant.

    Birthdate: July 3rd
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer
    Height: 5‘2“
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Age: 10
    Grade: 4th
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:38 pm

    Name: Gideon Rosenweisk

    Age: 75

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Teacher at Valevay High

    Subject: Science

    Appearance: Mr. Rosenweisk, or Gideon as he prefers to be called (as most people can't pronounce his last name), is a man who excels in science. He's somewhat average sized and thin, making his balding head appear even larger. He has intelligent green eyes, a long moustache and thin lips, often contorting into hilarious expressions. He can usually be seen wearing a white lab coat and black dress slacks.

    Lin's Legends Crazy_old_man_by_gavinbooyens-d4vzqxp

    Background: Having graduated at the top of his class from an Ivy League college in the sciences, Gideon has won several awards for his work with geology, biology and even meteorology. He worked as a seismologist detecting earthquakes for a while, during his days living in California, but opted to move to Rai Island and teach in Martin Van Buren high school instead. He taught there for several years...until he ended up teaching both Terry and John Wilder. Those boys were such trouble makers that he developed a nervous tick and opted to retire. Since then, he's missed teaching and has come out of retirement, transferring to Valevay high school. He was sure none of the Wilders would be able to afford to get into that school. Lo and behold, Chuck Wilder has made it into Valevay on scholarships and a part time job. What will become of Gideon?

    Character Relations: Currently unknown, though he has had a hard time with the two oldest Wilder boys so far...

    Personality: Gideon is as quick-witted and intelligent as any other jewish man. He's very friendly and enjoys sharing his life experiences with his students, particularly if they pertain to his lessons. There are often times that he rambles on and on until he gets completely off-topic and forgets what he was originally talking about. Getting up there in age, he's beginning to grow senile, but he's still a wealth of knowledge. Due to his past experiences with Terry and John Wilder, he has become somewhat neurotic.
    Chuck Wilder
    Chuck Wilder

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    Post  Chuck Wilder on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:58 pm


    Age: 22
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Height: 5‘ 8“
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Occupations: Part time front-man/porn star, also owns the music store at the mall and owns a dance studio.

    Six years ago, this young man woke up in some stranger’s run down apartment in Los Angeles with no memory of how he got there. Trying to grasp onto the situation he was in, he looked around, seeing several people he didn’t know still slumbering peacefully. There was a pounding in his head from a hangover and a soreness in his entire body from a long night of partying. With no recollection of what happened the night before, no identification on him and no idea who he was, this amnesiac wandered the city streets for days.

    Eventually, he was approached by a woman who had been attracted by his good looks. Realizing the young man had probably been wearing his current outfit for several days, she asked him for his name and if he would be interested in making some easy money. His empty stomach made the decision for him and he subsequently made several adult videos. Because of his near androgynous pretty face and the stunning colors of his heterochromic eyes, he became incredibly popular in the porn industry. Deciding to get some extra income, he not only invested in the stock market but also made several appearances in strip clubs all over California and even in Las Vegas.
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    Name: Kieran McNiall

    Age: 18

    Birthday: October 31st

    Astrology Sign: Scorpio

    Height: 5’10"

    Occupation: Student, flies a plane on weekends

    School: Valevay High School

    Appearance: Lin's Legends Tumblr_m0shcdwxA61qh4y9g

    Personality: Kieran and his sister come from Doolin, Ireland, so they both have thick accents. Kieran tends to keep to himself much of the time, but when he speaks his voice has a very fluid, handsome tone to it. He's often quiet when he does speak, unless he's angry. In which case, he gets loud a swears a lot - like a typical irishman. He doesn't often let peers get to know him very well, but it is well known that he's very protective over his younger sister, more so now that their parents have died. First impressions of him usually result in people either thinking he's shy, cold, or strange, as he often keeps himself closed off from others. Little known fact - he has a personal fear of failure in front of his loved ones and frequently thinks of himself as not quite good enough. However, it'd be like pulling teeth to get him to tell anyone that.

    Background: He often dresses in dark clothing, sometimes wears a hat and he has wavy dark hair that often looks unkempt. Back in Ireland, there were rumors amongst his schoolmates that he was part sidhe (monster/faerie/supernatural creature) because of his black hair and amber gold eyes. This has not been confirmed, but it has been noted that he has come across wolves in the forest before and they never bit him. After their parents died in a plane crash, which happened about eight months before their arrival on Rai Island, Kieran took care of all the legal work while Fionna was at school, which is why he has to repeat his senior year in high school. She's all he has left, so he'd prefer to lock her away from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that would make her unhappy, so he settles for accompanying her most everywhere. Fionna is a beautiful girl, but is notoriously hard to flirt with because of Kieran's relentless presence.

    Character Relations: Fionna McNiall - Sister

    Name: Fionna McNiall

    Age: 17

    Birthday: February 6th

    Astrology Sign: Aquarius

    Height: 5’5"

    Occupation: Student, does work-study jobs after school

    School: Valevay High School

    Appearance: Lin's Legends Tumblr_static_51ww1weay2cco8o0k8cooo00c

    Personality: Being the baby of the McNiall family by only one year, Fionna was often fawned over by both her parents and her older brother. Like her late mother, she is stunningly beautiful with her soft dark tresses of hair and her emerald green eyes. Her interests include playing the traditional Celtic harp, step dancing, cooking and manga. She loves to travel and was the one to not only convince her brother to move to Rai Island, but to keep their parents' other plane - a Cessna - and continue their family business of sky tours. She is a relatively extroverted and friendly girl, and has never had a boyfriend before - let alone a first kiss.

    Background: Doolin, Ireland is a relatively small town in the country with narrow roads and lots of lush green hills. The Cliffs of Moher was one of her favorite places to visit with her family - usually, just her and her brother, as their parents were frequently flying. The two of them would frequently roam the steep hills and spend time walking along the cliffs, enjoying the crashing waves below and the salty air of the nearby ocean. Fionna's love of travel and exploration has never waned, nor has her bond with her brother, and the two are nearly inseperable. She has often relied on him and with their current situation, her need for him has increased. Occasionally, she still has nightmares about their parents' passing and seeks solace in hugging him tight and crying.

    Character Relations: Kieran McNiall - Brother
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